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A Walk in the Garden

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You can order Arte wallpaper online from us. Luxury wallpaper from Arte is unique, innovative, trend-setting and above all of excellent quality. Every year a team of experienced designers creates several new wallpaper collections. Arte wallpaper is excellent in color, texture and use of materials. Vinyl wallpaper, paper wallpaper, 3d wallpaper or natural wallpaper. Arte has it all. It is not for nothing that you will find Arte wallpaper on many walls and it can be used in any interior! Classics such as Facet, Monsoon, Selva, Musa, Itaya brighten up many a wall.

Why choose Arte wallpaper?

When you look for wallpaper, you first want wallpaper with an appealing color, motif or image. In addition, high quality is important. High quality guarantees a long lifespan and this type of wallpaper is also often easier to apply. Finding a type of wallpaper that meets your requirements in terms of appearance and meets the highest quality requirements is Arte wallpaper. Arte wallpaper, or Arte walls, offers beautiful and high-quality wallpaper, of which you will find many types in the Selected Wallpapers webshop. Arte wallpaper lives up to its name, you get real art in wallpaper at home.

What characterizes Arte wallpaper?

Wallpaper from Arte is very versatile wallpaper. The wallpaper is available in many variations. For example, beautiful solid colors if you want to create peace in a certain space. There may be a minimal motif in the wallpaper, but Arte always offers a large selection of special colors. Do you like busy or appealing motifs or images? You will also find the necessary wallpaper types from Artewalls at Selected Wallpapers. Some fixed Arte wallpaper types are so popular that they now belong to the permanent collection of Art wallpaper. Think of Facet, Musa and Botanic.

The company behind Arte Walls

Arte Walls of Arte wallpaper is originally a Belgian family business, specialized in wall coverings. Arte was founded in 1981 and has been the standard for high quality for decades. The Arte walls brand has since become a household name in the world of design and wall coverings. Every Arte wallpaper is still designed with passion and produced with unprecedented craftsmanship. Arte wallpaper has always kept up with the times and does not shy away from new innovations to present you as a customer with luxurious and unique wallpaper. The full range of Arte wallpaper is available at Selected Wallpapers.

Which types of Arte wallpaper do you choose?

You have an almost unlimited choice in Artewall wallpaper for color, motif and material use. Whatever motif or image you are looking for, which color or do you want to use special material? Arte wallpaper has it.

Arte wallpaper of gold

Gold in the interior is currently a trend and Arte wallpaper certainly has the gold wallpaper that suits you. Are you, like many people, also wary of too much gold in the interior? It is precisely with Arte gold wallpaper that you take a subtle approach, even if you have covered an entire wall with gold wallpaper. All the Arte gold wallpaper is beautiful to look at and ensures that it never becomes too much or too gaudy.

Arte wallpaper in all the colors you want

Is gold not for you? With Arte wallpaper in pink or Arte wallpaper in blue, you will certainly get a striking and unique wall. These do not have to be uniform colours, almost all colors that Arte offers are also available in beautiful motifs. Just like gold, black is also very trendy at the moment. You also have more than enough choice for Arte wallpaper in black.

Arte 3D wallpaper

Arte 3D wallpaper is very beautiful. The wallpaper is designed in 3D in such a way that it seems as if structures, figures or patterns enter your home lifelike. This certainly creates surprises in the interior. You create beautiful visual effects with it, such as a relief on the wall or shadow effects. You should definitely take a look at 3D wallpaper, you will soon be convinced of the possibilities.

Choose your Arte wallpaper at Selected Wallpapers

At Selected Wallpapers you will find many types of Arte wallpaper. Because we only choose high-quality wallpaper, Arte wallpaper is a logical choice. Ordering is very easy in our webshop or visit our showroom by appointment if you want to see Arte wallpaper in real life.

Order Arte wallpaper samples

Are you still unsure about certain types of Arte wallpaper? Then you can also order some samples of these types from us. This way you can see with your own eyes and feel with your hands what the wallpaper is like and this makes the choice a bit easier.

*We only sell Arte/Omexco/Moooi in the EEA.