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Cole & Son
Palm Leaves
From $150.00
Soft GreyOlive GreenLeaf GreenTealGoldLinenCream+ 4 more
From $208.00
TamarindSorbetSeranditeSpiceDragonfly+ 2 more
From $138.00
NoirEncre/kakiVert PetroleBlanc/Kaki+ 1 more
From $138.00
MordoreVieux RoseMarine/CuivreTopaze+ 1 more
Red JeanNutmeg TealOrange GingerToffee ClothMoss Vanilla+ 2 more
Isidore Leroy
From $190.00
PaonBleuNaturePoupreArtySous BoisDe PrintempsCielEnsoleille+ 6 more

Jungle / tropical wallpaper is all the rage right now! Wallpaper with large palm leaves, tropical birds is more popular than ever. Give your interior a tropical and natural look with this wallpaper. We have an extensive wallpaper collection with jungle wallpaper, tropical wallpaper from various top brands.

Buy the most beautiful jungle wallpaper

Would you like something new in your interior? A wallpaper on the wall with a unique, original style that you can enjoy for years to come? Then we cordially invite you to take a look at the range of Selected Wallpapers. We have a large number of different types of wallpaper ready for you in our range. This also includes beautiful jungle wallpaper. This is wallpaper designed by top international designers. Wallpaper with a theme that gives a special, adventurous touch to any room where it is placed on the wall.

Jungle themed wallpaper

We have a large number of different styles available in our range. Jungle wallpaper is one of the most popular wallpapers that we sell. Not surprising, because with that beautiful wallpaper with a jungle theme you really do something special on the wall. A jungle theme that is available in many different styles with us. Do you want to buy jungle wallpaper? This is always very easy and safe to arrange with us. We handle your data with care and ensure that everything is delivered to you securely packaged. This way you get a wallpaper that you can really enjoy to the fullest.

Simply buy our jungle wallpaper

We always make buying jungle wallpaper as easy as possible. Still have questions about this? Then you can always contact us to ask us your questions. The wallpaper we have in our range is made by top designers from all over the world. Styles that really add something to your interior and that completely change the style of your home. Wallpaper that is stylish and that you can enjoy looking at. Take a look at the many different types of wallpaper that we sell at your leisure. This way you can choose the wallpaper that best suits your personal style.