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Phillip Jeffries wallpaper | wallpaper Phillip Jeffries Order Phillip Jeffries wallpaper online from us! Phillip Jeffries wallpaper is luxurious and exclusive wallpaper. Phillip Jeffries works hand in hand with skilled artists for their wallpaper, resulting in beautiful craftsmanship. Their wallpaper selection is exclusive with high quality and inspiring wallpaper designs and techniques. Phillip Jeffries is a family run business that was founded over 40 years ago with just 10 grass cloths in a garage. From those humble beginnings, they have now grown into one of the world leaders in wallpaper, specializing in; grass weave and vinyl wallpaper.

Phillip Jeffries wallpaper collections
Gallery / Digital Murals
Artisans Guild / Specialty
House of Naturals
Simply Seamless
Tailored Walls Textiles
PJ Prints PJ Contract / Performance Vinyl

Well-known designs from their wallpaper collections are the Suede Lounge, Juicy & Jute, Vinyl Metalworks, Vinyl Snakeskin, Vinyl Taiulored Linens, Island Raffia, Shoreline Grass and many others.

The entire collection can be viewed on the site of Phillip Jeffries

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