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Costermans Garden wallpaper Iksel. Costermans Garden is an East Indian company that was painted in China around 1800. Iksel has been given permission to scan it by Costermans, the famous antique dealers of Brussels, who had it placed in their beautiful 18th-century boiseries. The wallpaper features a series of identical trees of life, adorned with large-scale birds and remarkably western-looking foliage, making this piece a charming example of fusion.

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Product | Costerman's Garden from Iksel
Delivery time
| 15 to 20 working days
| per panel

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Iksel wallpaper is sold per panel with a width of 90 cm. The height options are 225 | 255 | 275 | 300 | 325 cm. The price depends on the height and design.

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