Wallpaper calculator

Wallpaper calculator

With our wallpaper calculators you can calculate the number of rolls or meters of wallpaper. The calculator takes into account a 'half drop match' if applicable. Choose the right calculator! An additional 5 cm excess length has already been included. All input must be entered in meters. The calculator does not take windows, doors, etc. into account. No rights can be derived from the result.

Whether or not a pattern

No pattern?
Then enter nothing in the pattern field.

Enter pattern size in meters.
For example: 52 cm = 0.52

Straight Match

Pattern is at the same height as the pattern on the next track.

Half Drop Match

Half staggered pattern. Each successive track (2nd/4th etc.) requires an additional pattern. Enter "YES" in calculator if applicable

Not possible via calculator. Is the panel height high enough for the wall?
If yes, simply calculate how many panels you need. Wall width/panel width = number of panels

Need help with calculations? We are happy to help!