Vinyl Snakeskin-Phillip Jeffries-wallpaper-behang-Tapete-wallpaper-Selected Wallpapers
Vinyl Snakeskin-Phillip Jeffries-wallpaper-behang-Tapete-wallpaper-Selected Wallpapers
Vinyl Snakeskin-Phillip Jeffries-wallpaper-behang-Tapete-wallpaper-Buttermilk Racer-Rol-Selected Wallpapers
Vinyl Snakeskin-Phillip Jeffries-wallpaper-behang-Tapete-wallpaper-Grey Ora-Rol-Selected Wallpapers
Vinyl Snakeskin-Phillip Jeffries-wallpaper-behang-Tapete-wallpaper-Crème Cobra-Rol-Selected Wallpapers
Vinyl Snakeskin-Phillip Jeffries-wallpaper-behang-Tapete-wallpaper-Vicious Venom-Rol-Selected Wallpapers
Vinyl Snakeskin-Phillip Jeffries-wallpaper-behang-Tapete-wallpaper-Up-scaled Grey-Rol-Selected Wallpapers
Vinyl Snakeskin-Phillip Jeffries-wallpaper-behang-Tapete-wallpaper-Blue Boa-Rol-Selected Wallpapers
Vinyl Snakeskin-Phillip Jeffries-wallpaper-behang-Tapete-wallpaper-Sea Serpent-Rol-Selected Wallpapers
Vinyl Snakeskin-Phillip Jeffries-wallpaper-behang-Tapete-wallpaper-Black Mamba-Rol-Selected Wallpapers
Vinyl Snakeskin-Phillip Jeffries-wallpaper-behang-Tapete-wallpaper-Desert Python-Rol-Selected Wallpapers
Vinyl Snakeskin-Phillip Jeffries-wallpaper-behang-Tapete-wallpaper-Snake Charmer-Rol-Selected Wallpapers
Vinyl Snakeskin-Phillip Jeffries-wallpaper-behang-Tapete-wallpaper-White Fang-Rol-Selected Wallpapers
Vinyl Snakeskin-Phillip Jeffries-wallpaper-behang-Tapete-wallpaper-Rattlesnake-Rol-Selected Wallpapers
Vinyl Snakeskin-Phillip Jeffries-wallpaper-behang-Tapete-wallpaper-Tan Taipan-Rol-Selected Wallpapers
Vinyl Snakeskin-Phillip Jeffries-wallpaper-behang-Tapete-wallpaper-Grey Garter-Rol-Selected Wallpapers
Vinyl Snakeskin-Phillip Jeffries-wallpaper-behang-Tapete-wallpaper-Sidewinder-Rol-Selected Wallpapers
Vinyl Snakeskin-Phillip Jeffries-wallpaper-behang-Tapete-wallpaper-Golden Crowned-Rol-Selected Wallpapers

Vinyl Snakeskin

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SKU: 10247

Color: White Fang

White Fang
Tan Taipan
Grey Garter
Golden Crowned
Crème Cobra
Buttermilk Racer
Vicious Venom
Up-scaled Grey
Blue Boa
Sea Serpent
Black Mamba
Desert Python
Grey Ora
Snake Charmer

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    Product description
    Vinyl Snakeskin wallpaper Phillip Jeffries. Wallpaper with the look of a snake's skin, but on vinyl. A high quality modern wallpaper full of texture. Beautiful in any interior.We are happy to advise you about Phillip Jeffries wallpaper in our showroom. Please contact us for prices and delivery times.
    Technical information

    Product | Vinyl Snakeskin wallpaper Phillip Jeffries
    | per roll
    Minimum purchase

    | 13,7 meter (539.37")
    Width | 132-137 cm (53.94") Untrimmed
    Repeat | No
    | Osnaburg

    Additional information | Removable vinyl wallpaper


    To properly assess wallpaper for color and material, we recommend ordering a sample.

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    • Delivery time 5 to 15 working days.
    • Delivered with Track & Trace
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    You can calculate the number of rolls with our handy wallpaper calculator. The calculator takes into account a pattern if applicable. An additional 5 cm excess length has already been included. All input must be entered in METERS. The calculator does not take windows, doors, etc. into account. No rights can be derived from the result.