You can order luxury custom wallpaper online with us! Custom wallpaper, or a mural, is custom design wallpaper with a unique design. Custom wallpaper is all the rage!
Fascinating designs tailored to your wall ! A mural goes further than photo wallpaper, these are unique designs, eye-catchers! We have a number of wallpaper brands such as Coordonne, Daisy James, Glamora, Inkiostro Bianco, INSTABILELAB, Isidore Leroy, Les Dominotiers, LondonArt and Muance. Design wallpaper from Italy, France, Spain and the Netherlands.

Customized wallpaper is often available on different materials such as Vinyl, Non Woven, Seamless Vinyl or Fiberglass. You can use it in any room, from the living room to the bathroom. The possibilities are endless with this design wallpaper.

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Prices of this luxury design wallpaper are per m2. Enter your wall dimensions with cutting margin and the calculator immediately calculates the price for your correct lane width!