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Kelly Wearstler
From $759.00
Onyx BeigeSand/BlackSalmon/CreamIvory/GoldTeal/PearlLinen/OnyxGraphiteFernDeep Sky+ 6 more
Kelly Wearstler
Graffito II
From $2,042.00
DenimGolden RodIvory/EbonyRosaParchmentMarine/Navy+ 3 more
Kelly Wearstler
From $1,435.00
AuraCoinLagoonMarineArizona+ 2 more
Kelly Wearstler
From $767.00
Lake/CreamGold/IvoryEbony/GoldTaupe/PuttyEbony/Cream+ 2 more
Kelly Wearstler
From $559.00
Ivory/BlackKraft BlackGreen BlackSky TealIvory Gold+ 2 more
Kelly Wearstler
From $649.00
Ebony IvoryCopper beigePlum OatPeriwinkle OatOnyx AlmondLatte Suede+ 3 more
Kelly Wearstler
From $813.00
BlushingBronzedFieryLotusPool+ 2 more
Kelly Wearstler
From $1,296.00
MistAlmondCharredMustardSaddleRaven+ 3 more
Kelly Wearstler
From $458.00
WhitewashAquamarineParchburnt umbermentAlgaeRouge+ 2 more
Kelly Wearstler
From $936.00
Faded TerracottaCinderSkySandTealRaven+ 3 more
Kelly Wearstler
From $2,430.00
Artic CloudBlush GoldCream OnyxGold OnyxNavy Slate+ 2 more
Kelly Wearstler
From $558.00
Ivory BlackBlack IvoryBlue BlackIvory GoldShell Gold+ 2 more
You can order Kelly Wearstler wallpaper online from us. Luxury wallpaper from top designer Kelly Wearstler. Fascinating and hand-painted wallpaper designs that are used in the most modern luxury interiors. The patterns and colors are suitable for any interior. Enrich the walls with a feeling of luxury. Kelly Wearstler wallpaper is exclusive and gives every room the look it deserves.

Make a statement with Kelly Wearstler wallpaper

Are you looking for a timeless and unique wallpaper? Then Kelly Wearstler has this in the collection. The most famous wallpaper design is Graffito. A graphic hand-painted print that makes an immediate impression. The design has even been translated into fabric and carpet. Channels and District are also examples of beautiful graphic wallpaper designs by her hand. Kelly Wearstler wallpaper is timeless!

About top designer Kelly Wearstler

The Kelly Wearstler studio was founded in 1995, where Kelly Kelly works with creative partners. The American designer creates versatile experiential environments with extensive collections of lifestyle products at the highest level.

You can order wallpaper from Kelly Wearstler online at Selected Wallpapers

You can order wallpaper from the Kelly Wearstler collection via the Selected Wallpapers webshop. In addition, we have our own wallpaperers who have a lot of experience in installing Kelly Wearstler wallpaper. Because, this wallpaper requires craftsmanship. If you need help, consult our skilled colleagues!