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01 / Sample 72 / Sample
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Métal brush

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01 / Sample 72 / Sample 20 / Sample
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Modern Mosaic

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$119.00 – $169.00
Ivory Flock / Sample Ivory Beaded / Sample Natural Cork / Sample Green Beaded / Sample Silver / Sample Coral Beaded / Sample Ebony Flock / Sample
Ivory Flock / Sample Ivory Beaded / Sample Natural Cork / Sample Green Beaded / Sample Show More Colors +7

What should you suggest with cork wallpaper?

You are probably familiar with a cork floor, but did you know that cork is also very suitable as wall covering? In fact, in the 1970s cork on the wall was a trend and very hip. Now, almost 50 years later, cork has undergone a true transformation. Of course, cork is still the same natural material that comes from the bark of the cork tree. The processing of cork and the possibilities with cork have expanded enormously in recent decades. Made of cork in one standard colour, it is now available in many colors and patterns. Today, the use of cork wallpaper is the trend that you should not miss.

The unprecedented possibilities with cork wallpaper

Cork wallpaper is usually available per meter. At Selected Wallpapers we have a large selection of different motifs and colors of cork wallpaper. You will be surprised by the possibilities with wallpaper made of cork. Beautiful motifs, natural colors or luxurious metallic colors, it is all possible with cork wallpaper. We only supply cork wallpaper from renowned brands, such as brands such as Arte or Omexco, Greenland, Zinc Textile, Kirkby Design or Elitis. Cork on the wall is back with a vengeance and the possibilities are greater than ever.

Cork wallpaper in gold or other metallic color

A real trend in the field of cork wallpaper are the metallic accents. All kinds of metals can be chosen as a theme for this, such as metal and silver, but certainly also cork wallpaper in gold. Are you afraid that too much gold in the interior will become too 'proud'? You don't have to be afraid of this with cork wallpaper in gold color. This is mainly due to the structure and appearance of cork. Cork is 100% natural and therefore the pronounced gold color is somewhat muted. Of course you can also combine the gold color very nicely with other colors of cork wallpaper.

Choose cork wallpaper with Selected Wallpapers

When you choose cork wallpaper to cover your walls, this is certainly not an everyday choice. Selected Wallpapers can help you with this. Firstly, we offer cork wallpaper of the highest quality, which makes wallpapering with cork very easy. Moreover, we are always there for you with good advice and tips. So do not hesitate to contact us or make an appointment to view our showroom.