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A luxurious and elegant look with linen wallpaper

The function of wallpaper is not only to provide the wall with a certain color or motif. Wallpaper also has the function of giving the room a look or atmosphere. This is why there are so many types of wallpaper made of different materials. Because everyone has a different taste and wish regarding the design and appearance, it is always possible to find the perfect wallpaper that suits you. Do you want to achieve a warm, but also luxurious look with wallpaper? Then we recommend choosing linen wallpaper.

What does a wallpaper with a linen look mean?

Wallpaper with a linen look is made from the natural textile type linen. Linen is extracted from flax and is best known for the clothing made from it. Like many other textiles, linen is also very suitable for wall coverings. Although linen can look smooth from afar, the material always has a certain structure. Sometimes a bit coarser, sometimes a bit smoother and a structure in certain patterns is also possible. A linen look wallpaper is a rich wallpaper that gives a certain luxurious look to the room. At Selected Wallpapers we have linen wallpaper in many different colors, motifs and structures.

Linen wallpaper from renowned brands

Do you want to achieve a luxurious look with textured wallpaper? Then wallpaper with a linen look is very suitable for this. At Selected Wallpapers we have selected a number of renowned brands from which we supply linen wallpaper. We set high standards for the quality of wallpaper and with these brands you do not have to doubt the quality. The Dedar brand, for example, has released beautiful linen wallpaper in both coarse and refined structures. You can also choose from many colors and motifs. Other quality brands for linen wallpaper are Vescom, Casamance and Pierre Frey. Feel free to request some samples from these brands, so that you can actually experience the wallpaper.

Order your linen wallpaper at Selected Wallpapers

Do you want to enjoy linen look wallpaper on the walls? All top brands that supply this type of wallpaper can be found at Selected Wallpapers. We have been specialized in furniture upholstery and wall coverings for over 50 years. We will only present brands that meet our highest requirements to you, so that the quality is excellent and you have the most beautiful wallpaper on your wall. Ordering linen wallpaper is very easy in our webshop. Don't forget to use the handy online calculator. This way you can be sure that you order exactly the right number of rolls of wallpaper.