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Unique, eclectic and distinctive Moooi wallpaper

Now there are many unique wallpaper brands to choose from. But do you really want unique wallpaper where the designer has had a free hand? Then you should definitely check out Moooi's wallpaper. Moooi wallpaper is published by the well-known and versatile company Arte. This brand also has special styles of wallpaper, but with Moooi wallpaper it doesn't get anything more artistic. The wallpaper is called eclectic and that is not surprising. In a Moooi wallpaper design, the designer can incorporate various trends and styles for an ultra-modern or classic look. Moooi wallpaper can be freely translated into beautiful, because that is what this wallpaper is.

What types of Moooi wallpaper are there?

Moooi does not have a very large range of wallpaper, but every Moooi wallpaper is very unique and available in various modern designs. In addition, the Moooi designers do not shy away from using special materials. The wallpaper 'Pogo Goat' is an example of this. The complex pattern with many lines remains calm, because a soft solid color is maintained. At the same time, it is also 3D wallpaper with a structure of soft chenille. Very luxurious and exclusive wallpaper is 'Indigo Macaque'. This extremely luxurious wallpaper has a denim look with embroidered figures.

The popular Moooi wallpaper Extinct Animals

The Moooi Extinct Animals wallpaper is one of the most popular and special types of this brand. The wallpaper with a flora and fauna design is richly decorated and a dozen extinct animals have been incorporated into the design. Moooi Extinct Animals wallpaper is a fantastic wallpaper that you keep looking at. Beautiful for both the living room, but also in a children's room. This wallpaper is exclusively available at Selected Wallpapers, just like all other Moooi designs. Order easily in our webshop.