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Woodland Chorus
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Summer Harvest
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Fan Palm
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Woodland Toile
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Soho Plain
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New Tiger Stripe
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Authentic English wallcovering from Sanderson

With Sanderson wallpaper you don't just get wallpaper in your home. Sanderson is an English wallpaper designer who has been active since 1860. Sanderson wallpaper is always authentically English. All Sanderson wallpapers are based on the English countryside. Which animals, plants and parts you encounter here, you will also encounter on the high-quality Sanderson wallpaper. When you cover your home with wallpaper from Sanderson, you immediately get the authentic feeling of an English cottage in the countryside. There is a wide choice of wallpaper from Sanderson and you can purchase every type at Selected Wallpapers. We only have exclusive and luxurious wallpaper in our range and Sanderson wallpaper is certainly part of this.

Which types of Sanderson wallpaper do you choose?

You can expect English style and craftsmanship from Sanderson wallpaper. Do you want to achieve a rural look in the living room, bedroom, office or bathroom? Then 'Woodland Chorus' is the perfect wallpaper for this. On this wallpaper you will find all kinds of birds that occur in England, but also butterflies and insects, in an environment of delicate branches. This is a beautiful wallpaper that brings nature into your home. English birds are an important theme in Sanderson's wallpaper anyway. For example, also take a look at the wallpaper types 'Swallows' or 'Elysian Geese'. Of course you can also enjoy the beautiful English fauna with, for example, 'Wisteria Falls'.

Order Sanderson wallpaper at Selected Wallpapers

Do you want to bring the English style into your home through wallpaper? This is possible with Sanderson wallpaper. You not only have a choice of beautiful English motifs, the wallpaper is of very high quality and easy to apply. In the Selected Wallpapers webshop you get a good overview of Sanderson wallpaper. Moreover, ordering from us is easy and fast. Are you still hesitating between some types of wallpaper or do you want to feel the material? Then order some samples to get a good idea.