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Kosa silk métal
Food for ThoughtLuxury and DelightsCompete in MagnificenceRoyal ApparatMaharaja's PrivilegeFit for A PrincessThe Key to Dreams+ 4 more
Hope Metal
The ProximitySensitive to AesteheticsPower of FascinationBetween Riger and Sobriety+ 1 more
Seta Metal
Radiate with RadianceSensual WavesIt's Versailles hereHeart against my heartDriven by the same Passion+ 2 more
Movida Metal
Stong SimplicityInner WealthDivine FinerySlipping on her Skin+ 1 more
Vibrations wallpaper collection Elitis. You can order wallpapers from the Vibrations collection from Elitis online with us! Iconic creations of Elitis are combined with the appearance of precious stones. Textures like Big Croco, Anguille, Glass, Talamane, Soie, Movida, Hope and Madagascas get a luxurious finish with metallic. Wallpaper collection Vibrations Elitis.