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Velvet-Behang-Tapete-Texdecor-Beige 1-Meter (M1)-VELT91680209-Selected Wallpapers
Velvet-Behang-Tapete-Texdecor-Blanc 1-Meter (M1)-VELT91680106-Selected Wallpapers
Velvet-Behang-Tapete-Texdecor-Gris 3-Meter (M1)-VELT91681129-Selected Wallpapers
Velvet-Behang-Tapete-Texdecor-Gris 4-Meter (M1)-VELT91681142-Selected Wallpapers
Velvet-Behang-Tapete-Texdecor-Gris 2-Meter (M1)-VEL 91681116-Selected Wallpapers
Velvet-Behang-Tapete-Texdecor-Vert 1-Meter (M1)-VELT91680407-Selected Wallpapers
Velvet-Behang-Tapete-Texdecor-Blanc 2-Meter (M1)-VELT91680119-Selected Wallpapers
Velvet-Behang-Tapete-Texdecor-Bleu 1-Meter (M1)-VELT91680508-Selected Wallpapers
Velvet-Behang-Tapete-Texdecor-Jaune-Meter (M1)-VELT91680302-Selected Wallpapers
Velvet-Behang-Tapete-Texdecor-Beige 2-Meter (M1)-VELT91680222-Selected Wallpapers
Velvet-Behang-Tapete-Texdecor-Marron 1-Meter (M1)-VEL 91681044-Selected Wallpapers
Velvet-Behang-Tapete-Texdecor-Rose-Meter (M1)-VELT91680682-Selected Wallpapers
Velvet-Behang-Tapete-Texdecor-Gris 1-Meter (M1)-VELT91681103-Selected Wallpapers
Velvet-Behang-Tapete-Texdecor-Vert 4-Meter (M1)-VELT91680433-Selected Wallpapers
Velvet-Behang-Tapete-Texdecor-Blue 2-Meter (M1)-VEL 91680547-Selected Wallpapers
Velvet-Behang-Tapete-Texdecor-Vert 2-Meter (M1)-VELT91680420-Selected Wallpapers
Velvet-Behang-Tapete-Texdecor-Marron 3-Meter (M1)-VELT91681018-Selected Wallpapers
Velvet-Behang-Tapete-Texdecor-Marron 2-Meter (M1)-VELT91681005-Selected Wallpapers
Velvet-Behang-Tapete-Texdecor-Marron 4-Meter (M1)-VELT91681031-Selected Wallpapers
Velvet-Behang-Tapete-Texdecor-Rouge-Meter (M1)-VELT91680875-Selected Wallpapers
Velvet-Behang-Tapete-Texdecor-Noir-Meter (M1)-VELT91681201-Selected Wallpapers
Velvet-Behang-Tapete-Texdecor-Vert 3-Meter (M1)-VELT91680446-Selected Wallpapers
Velvet-Behang-Tapete-Texdecor-Bleu 4-Meter (M1)-VELT91680534-Selected Wallpapers
Velvet-Behang-Tapete-Texdecor-Bleu 3-Meter (M1)-VELT91680521-Selected Wallpapers


Brand: Texdecor
SKU: VELT91680209

Colour: Beige 1

Beige 1
Blanc 1
Gris 3
Gris 4
Gris 2
Vert 1
Blanc 2
Bleu 1
Beige 2
Marron 1
Gris 1
Vert 4
Blue 2
Vert 2
Marron 3
Marron 2
Marron 4
Vert 3
Bleu 4
Bleu 3

Order unit: Meter (M1)

Meter (M1)

Minimum quantity 10

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Product description

Velvet wallpaper from Texdecor. This project wallpaper has the look and feel of a velvet fabric, warm and atmospheric! Vinyl on a reinforced Non Woven. Wallpaper Velvet from Texdecor.

Technical information

Product | Velvet wallpaper Texdecor
Priced | per m1
Minimum purchase | 10

Length | Can be ordered per linear meter (m1)
Width | 106 cm (41.73")
Pattern | Free match
Backing | Non Woven

Additional information | Easily removable, fire retardant. Max 25 meters on a roll.


To properly assess wallpaper for color and material, we recommend ordering a sample.

  • Easily order samples online -> Choose your Color -> Choose your Material (if applicable) -> Choose Sample
  • Delivery time 5 to 15 working days.
  • Delivered with Track & Trace
Wallpaper calculator

You can calculate the number of rolls with our handy wallpaper calculator. The calculator takes into account a pattern if applicable. An additional 5 cm excess length has already been included. All input must be entered in METERS. The calculator does not take windows, doors, etc. into account. No rights can be derived from the result.