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Textile wallcovering is a wonderful way to bring warmth to an interior. There are various types of textile wallpaper, such as suede, silk, wool, cotton, linen or viscose. We have an extensive collection of textile wallpaper from different brands.

Why choose textile wallcovering?

You choose wallpaper mainly to decorate a wall beautifully. Which type of wallpaper you choose is, of course, dependent on taste. Do you like to color outside the lines a bit? Then you have many options with wallpaper. For example, you can choose wallpaper with a special color or a specific motif. Another option to opt for a striking and certainly appealing type of wallpaper is textile wallpaper. Maybe you don't know it yet? Or are you still a bit hesitant to use this strain? Then let Selected Wallpapers convince you. With our wide range of textile wallpaper you will certainly find a type that suits you.

What are the advantages of textile wallcovering?

Textile wallpaper is available, for example, in linen, silk, wool, suede or a mix of cotton. One of the main reasons why textile wallpaper is chosen is that it gives warmth to the room. This does not only concern the appearance, just go over it with your hands, then it feels wonderfully soft and warm. Textile wallpaper also has a slightly insulating effect, it enhances the atmosphere.

Choose reputable brands of textile wallpaper

Which colour, which motif or which textile structure do you like? When you choose textile wallpaper, always choose high quality. At Selected Wallpapers you will find the most renowned brands of textile wallpaper. Think of the very popular brand Moooi. Other brands with textile wallpaper are Arte, Tissage Mahieu, Vescom, Nobilis, Dedar or choose the purebred Dutch brand Dutch Walltextile Company. This brand has specialized in textile wallpaper and is available from us.

Order your textile wallpaper easily online at Selected Wallpapers

Would you like something different on the wall? Then choose the high-quality textile wallpaper from Selected Wallpapers. Feel free to take a look at our webshop and see the amount of choice from the different types of colors, motifs and materials. Ordering online is very easy with us and we also deliver your wallpaper for free. Not sure how many meters of textile wallpaper you need to order? We have a handy calculator online, so you never order too much or too little. Not very good at wallpapering? Then we are happy to help you with this!