Mirage-Behang-Tapete-Elitis-Selected Wallpapers
Mirage-Behang-Tapete-Elitis-Divin Silence-Meter (M1)-RM 1026 01-Selected Wallpapers
Mirage-Behang-Tapete-Elitis-A Pledge of Confidence-Meter (M1)-RM 1026 02-Selected Wallpapers
Mirage-Behang-Tapete-Elitis-First of Elegance-Meter (M1)-RM 1026 03-Selected Wallpapers
Mirage-Behang-Tapete-Elitis-Smile at Life-Meter (M1)-RM 1026 05-Selected Wallpapers
Mirage-Behang-Tapete-Elitis-Legtimate Connection-Meter (M1)-RM 1026 06-Selected Wallpapers
Mirage-Behang-Tapete-Elitis-Disturbing Harmony-Meter (M1)-RM 1026 15-Selected Wallpapers
Mirage-Behang-Tapete-Elitis-The Golden Moment-Meter (M1)-RM 1026 20-Selected Wallpapers
Mirage-Behang-Tapete-Elitis-Tears of Sin-Meter (M1)-RM 1026 27-Selected Wallpapers
Mirage-Behang-Tapete-Elitis-Passion Fruit-Meter (M1)-RM 1026 38-Selected Wallpapers
Mirage-Behang-Tapete-Elitis-Invigorating Force-Meter (M1)-RM 1026 39-Selected Wallpapers
Mirage-Behang-Tapete-Elitis-Storms of the Heart-Meter (M1)-RM 1026 41-Selected Wallpapers
Mirage-Behang-Tapete-Elitis-The Best Allies-Meter (M1)-RM 1026 42-Selected Wallpapers
Mirage-Behang-Tapete-Elitis-Birth of an Idyll-Meter (M1)-RM 1026 47-Selected Wallpapers
Mirage-Behang-Tapete-Elitis-The Right Emotion-Meter (M1)-RM 1026 50-Selected Wallpapers
Mirage-Behang-Tapete-Elitis-Delicate Temtations-Meter (M1)-RM 1026 52-Selected Wallpapers
Mirage-Behang-Tapete-Elitis-Precious Chords-Meter (M1)-RM 1026 55-Selected Wallpapers
Mirage-Behang-Tapete-Elitis-Unraveling its Mystery-Meter (M1)-RM 1026 60-Selected Wallpapers
Mirage-Behang-Tapete-Elitis-Reverent Invitation-Meter (M1)-RM 1026 62-Selected Wallpapers
Mirage-Behang-Tapete-Elitis-Trust Again-Meter (M1)-RM 1026 80-Selected Wallpapers
Mirage-Behang-Tapete-Elitis-New Horizon-Meter (M1)-RM 1026 70-Selected Wallpapers


Brand: Elitis
SKU: RM 1026 01

Color: Divin Silence

Divin Silence
A Pledge of Confidence
First of Elegance
Smile at Life
Legtimate Connection
Disturbing Harmony
The Golden Moment
Tears of Sin
Passion Fruit
Invigorating Force
Storms of the Heart
The Best Allies
Birth of an Idyll
The Right Emotion
Delicate Temtations
Precious Chords
Unraveling its Mystery
Reverent Invitation
New Horizon
Trust Again

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Meter (M1)

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    Product description

    Mirage wallpaper Elitis. This textile wallpaper is a beautiful moire. A varying pattern that arises randomly and changes in size and repetition. A refined textile wallpaper from Elitis. Wallpaper Mirage Elitis Moire collection.

    Technical information

    Product | Mirage wallpaper Elitis
    | per m1
    Minimum purchase

    | Can be ordered per linear meter (m1)
    Width | 130 cm (51.18")
    Repeat | Free match
    | Non Woven

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    You can calculate the number of rolls with our handy wallpaper calculator. The calculator takes into account a pattern if applicable. An additional 5 cm excess length has already been included. All input must be entered in METERS. The calculator does not take windows, doors, etc. into account. No rights can be derived from the result.