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Mistery wallpaper from Glamora. This bathroom wallpaper has a natural atmosphere and a panoramic effect.

This wallpaper is water-repellent and suitable for bathrooms. Can be placed in the shower or by the bath. Italian luxury wallpaper custom Mistery by Glamora.
Product specifications

Product | Mistery from Glamora
| per m2
Minimum order
| 2

Dimensions |
This wallpaper is produced based on your wall dimensions. After ordering, a visual will be created and emailed for approval. Supplied INCLUDING glue.

Material options 
GlamDecor - 50 cm (19.69") wide
Vinyl wallpaper
GlamTrace - 57 cm (22.44") wide
Non-Woven Wallpaper (Non Woven)
GlamPure - 51 cm (20.08") wide
Linen-Viscose wallpaper
GlamSatin - 50 cm (19.69") wide
Viscose wallpaper
GlamFusion - 95 cm (37.4") wide
Bathroom equipment: wet rooms with running water, shower enclosure

Sample fromMistery

Would you like to receive a sample from Mistery?
Delivery time samples Glamora 10 up to 15 working days.

NOTE! Please enter your wall measurements. The dimensions are necessary to have the sample produced.

€ 25 / 35 | Sample from Glamora
Custom steel +/- A3 format on material of your choice.
You will receive a 'cut' from your total wall in full size.

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