The Bamboo Blue

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The Bamboo Blue wallpaper from Daisy James. This wallpaper has a natural look due to its bamboo trunks and leaves. A nice depth effect gives a spacious feeling to the space. Give your room a natural touch with this custom wallpaper. Custom wallpaper from Daisy James, available on Vinyl, or completely seamless on Seamless Vinyl or Pro Textile.

Custom-made wallpaper The Bamboo Blue by Daisy James.
Product specifications

Product | The Bamboo Blue from Daisy James
Delivery time
| 7 to 10 working days
| per m2
Minimum quantity
| 5

Dimensions |
This wallpaper is produced based on your wall dimensions. After ordering, a visual will be created and emailed for approval. Supplied WITHOUT glue.

Material options |
Vinyl |
Vinyl wallpaper with fine structure in panel width 50 cm
Seamless Vinyl | Airtex wallpaper consisting of one piece.
Pro Textile | Wallpaper with textile structure, consisting of one piece. (Maximum height 315 cm - not suitable for designs in light colours.)

Sample from The Bamboo Blue

Would you like to receive a sample from The Bamboo Blue?
Delivery time samples Daisy James 3 to 10 working days.

NOTE! Daisy James supplies samples in Seamless Vinyl (all references) and ProTextile (NOT all references). There are NO samples in Vinyl available.

€ 5 | sample from Daisy James
A4 sample, cut out.

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