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Real French design with wallpaper from Nobilis

Are you attracted to the Parisian city life? Then you will also like the design of the Parisian homes. Nobilis wallpaper will certainly appeal to you. Nobilis is a French wallpaper brand founded in 1928 by owner Adolphe Halard. He opened a boutique opposite the Ecole des Beaux Arts, a famous art school. Here he attracted young artists who designed fabrics and wallpaper for him and with success. Halard called his brand Nobilis. This is Latin for Nobile, or 'good taste'. So you know what you choose with Nobilis wallpaper, namely wallpaper that meets your good taste.

What is the style of Nobilis wallpaper?

The style of Nobilis wallpaper can be described as typically French, refined and of the highest quality. Many French restaurants and hotels therefore choose Nobilis in their business, because Nobilis is French pride. Nevertheless, the designers in recent decades have also been guided by international influences, but always while retaining the high-quality Parisian patterns. You will find many stylistic designs in the Nobilis wallpaper, but also very chic designs. Beautiful trees, flowers to refined stripes, there is a wide choice from the various Nobilis wallpapers. Yet the French chic continues to run like a red thread through the designs. At Selected Wallpapers, choose the design that suits you.

Nobilis wallpaper is available at Selected Wallpapers

If you want to bring French luxury into your home, then you should definitely choose Nobilis wallpaper. To do this, go to the Selected Wallpapers webshop. We have many types of wallpaper from Nobilis and ordering online is very easy. With our calculator you can calculate exactly how many rolls of wallpaper you need, so that you never have too much wallpaper left or that you have to reorder. Of course, our expert experts are ready to provide you with good advice. So feel free to contact us if you have any questions.